Comedy on Who Needs Sleep

A cavalcade of talented comedians will be hitting the WHO NEEDS SLEEP stage during the 36-hour event. Check out the lineup, follow their social channels, and get set for a great set of performances!


Britainy Goss

Britainy Goss is in it for the laughs! She boldly made the jump into stand-up comedy in 2016 and hit the ground running with local and regional comedy events. With her keen sense of timing and attention to detail, Britainy will bring you all the way to the edge and into an uproar. A public speaker at events, radio, and tv, she shares her humorous and inspirational message of courage and hope to people everywhere. Not only can she be found performing at comedy clubs and festivals, but also singing with Voices of Hope, a breast cancer survivor choir, in front of thousands. She is a social media maven and expert in connecting with real live human beings. If heart means anything to you, then Britainy is the one who has it all.  She has been known to save some souls and a kitten or two.

Britainy Goss performs at 9:00 pm on Saturday 1 September


Language Of Laughter

Language of Laughter is an incorporated non-profit funding educational workshops through live entertainment.

LoL is all about bridging communities - connecting entertainers and educators in an effort to simultaneously better area entertainment, business, and education. Language of Laughter collaborates with educators, entertainers, and community leaders to host workshops which aim to promote both collaborative and independent writing skills. LOL also engages with local artists to illustrate and produce selected student-generated works. We're well-served to offer this disclaimer: the comedic content of our live comedy showcases does not reflect the views or positions held by LOL's board, organizers, or partners. Our entertainers' acts aim to do just that: entertain. Audience age restrictions are clearly enforced.

To date, LOL has delivered thousands of books to Denton classrooms. Comedy shows, donations and partnerships with outside donors have enabled us to bring curated youth literature to resource-dry learning environments. 

Comedians from Language of Laughter perform at 5:00 pm on Saturday 1 September, and 11:00 am on Sunday 2 September



More in Store

More comedians will be listed as wee confirm their appearances!