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We’ve had a lot of great response to the announcement of the first WHO NEEDS SLEEP telethon, and a good number of people asking how they can assist. Glad you asked:

  • We need partners to bolster the donation amount to Cancer Support Community North Texas and Cook Children’s. If you are a part of a company or business who has some philanthropic funds burning a hole in your budget’s pocket, email us at donations@whoneedssleep.org.
  • Similarly, we’re putting together some really cool packages for viewers to bid on each hour of the telethon. These can be for home, personal care, geek culture, sports, you name it. If you can work up a similar package with your business, same thing: email us at donations@whoneedssleep.org.
  • SPREAD THE WORD. Share the event and this page far and wide, to help us build awareness. It’s a first-year event, and I would sincerely *love* to blast people’s expectations out of the stratosphere. Also, our Twitter and Instagram accounts are both WNSmarathon – give ’em a follow.

The telethon is going to be a phenomenal 36 hours of entertainment. Let’s make it 36 hours of outstanding giving for two worthwhile organizations. Here we go.

One thought on “Ludicrous Speed

  1. Being a cancer survivor myself, I applaud your efforts and your project.
    Do you need any guests? I am an author of two books (available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble) and I’m currently employed as an English Composition instructor at TCC downtown campus and a security officer at Six Flags. I also volunteer my time helping law enforcement and medical examiners find leads for their unidentified victim cases.
    Darrell Bartell
    Fort Worth, Texas

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