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Now that we’ve announced the marathon, the real work begins — actually putting the thing together.

The “to-do” list I published on our project management tracker has 127 items to iron out in the next two weeks. Some of them have their own list attached.

No pressure.

We’ll open advance donations by the middle of next week, and there will be several ways for you to assist. 100 percent of your donations will go to CSCNT and Cook’s Childrens, two phenomenal organizations.

That’s also when we’ll start revealing the guests we have lined up so far. I’m already pretty giddy.

Now, it’s time to reorder coffee…

One thought on “Ludicrous Speed

  1. Being a cancer survivor myself, I applaud your efforts and your project.
    Do you need any guests? I am an author of two books (available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble) and I’m currently employed as an English Composition instructor at TCC downtown campus and a security officer at Six Flags. I also volunteer my time helping law enforcement and medical examiners find leads for their unidentified victim cases.
    Darrell Bartell
    Fort Worth, Texas

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